Your diet plays a major part in your overall health and while most of us are aware of this we do not always make the best decisions when it comes to food and beverage choices. Home life, careers, and lack of time often influence our meal and snack decisions. Some people may think that it takes great sacrifices to eat a healthy diet but this is far from the truth. You do not need to sacrifice time or flavor in order to eat healthy. Below you will find resources for managing a healthy diet and proper nutrition in the Concho Valley.

Nutrition Resources

We have collected a list of several local and national resources pertaining to healthy eating, nutrition tips, and meal planning.

Dr. Myndie Willis DC, ACN Certified Nutritionist

Dr. Willis is a certified nutritionist and chiropractor who can assist you in planning a healthy diet with regards to your person health needs. She focuses on nutrition as a means to help improve her patient’s lives by natural means when possible and can asses your situation to determine whether supplements are necessary.

4916 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo, Texas 76904
4916 Knickerbocker Road San Angelo, Texas 76904

Meals for the Elderly

Meals for the Elderly is a private, non-profit charitable organization devoted to serving the homebound elderly of San Angelo, Texas and surrounding areas with one hot, nutritious, home-delivered meal each weekday while also ensuring their individual well-being through personal contact.

310 E. 8th St.
San Angelo, Texas 76904
310 E. 8th St. San Angelo, Texas 76904

SAISD School Nutrition

Learn about what goes in to the nutritional planning for your children when they are at school. SAISD maintains healthy meal plans and snack choices for breakfast and school lunches at an affordable rate. Proper nutrition is key for learning minds and SAISD nutrition seeks to promote healthy eating habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness.

CDC Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Healthy cooking and meal guidelines from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Nutrition, Physicial Activity, and Obesity. Their site also offers tips on proper meal planning, cutting calories, and ways to improve eating habits.

Healthy Eating at

Healthy Recipe Blogs & Reviews

In this section you will find a collection of blogs featuring healthy eating recipes, tips, and reviews. There is a plethora of healthy eating information from around the web so why not try something new for your next meal? The delicious recipes featured on some of these websites prove that you do not need to sacrifice flavor and indulgence for your health.

Food Network's Healthy Eats

The Healthy Eats blog from Food Network not only includes recipes but also has reviews of health food products, healthy alternatives for traditionally unhealthy events, and analysis of healthy eating trends.

Food Network's Healthy Eats Website

Healthy Recipes from has a huge list of healthy recipes that are sorted in to categories for easy viewing. Includes recipes for people on special diets. healthy recipes website

The Skinny Fork

Former San Angelo resident Amanda posts recipes and tips about skinnier alternatives to some of our favorite foods. You will find recipes that are just flat out healthy as well as healthified versions of classic recipes.

Meal Planning Magic

Houston based food blogger Brenda shares meal planning tips, ideas, products, and recipes to help save time and money while still eating well. Additionally she also posts weekly menu plans for busy families.