Prevention is the key when it comes to reducing your risk hospitalization. Recognizing and managing the symptoms of preventable disease allows patients to seek medical attention before hospitalization is required. On the other hand, preventing disease altogether is a much better alternative. Knowing the steps and lifestyle changes that will help reduce your risk of preventable disease will not only reduce your risk of hospitalization, but will also improve your quality of life overall.

Preventable hospitalization is also very expensive. From 2005-2009, adult residents (18+) of Texas received $31,926,978,628 in charges for hospitalizations that were potentially preventable; $159,959,609 of those charges were in Tom Green County alone. Hospitalizations for such conditions are called ‚Äúpotentially preventable‚ÄĚ because if the individual had access to and cooperated with appropriate outpatient healthcare, or had taken the proper steps to help prevent the disease in the first place, the hospitalization would likely not have occurred.